The Primeur Asset & Service Management Competence Center offers expertise in the analysis and implementation of projects, solutions and components based on specific customer requirements. Particular attention is dedicated to analysis and control of business processes for managing both industrial and IT Assets. Primeur also offers solutions and services for Spazio products and for IBM Tivoli, IBM WebSphere and Open Source products.

The main areas of activity include:

  • Monitoring and Control:

    monitoring the availability and performance of networks, systems, middleware, applications and transactions, also from a business perspective, integration with notification and trouble ticketing tools, a reporting, capacity planning and trend analysis solution, integration with Business Intelligence tools.

  • Event Management:

    visibility, monitoring, consolidation and automation of the management of important changes in state in order to manage a Configuration Item or an IT service.

  • Incident and Problem Management:

    detection of the abnormal function of elements (Configuration Items or CIs) in the IT infrastructure, management of related recognition and resolution, activation of change and release processes.

  • Change Management:

    management of all changes in the infrastructure and CIs, minimization of the impact of incidents on IT services.

  • Configuration Management:

    hardware and software discovery, inventory of ITEMs to be registered and authorized, management of infrastructure/CI configurations and their functional and technological implications, distribution of centralized Software.

  • Job Scheduling:

    centralized management of the batch processing activities in complex and heterogeneous environments.

  • Service Desk:

    Trouble Ticketing, Contact Center and Help desk provided through a Single Point of Contact to meet the communications needs of both Users and IT communications needs.

All the above solutions can coexist or flow into the area of Asset & Service Management.

The Primeur solutions for Asset & Service Management are based on IBM Maximo Asset Management, a market leader solution used by more than 10,000 companies (in more than 100 countries) throughout the world across many sectors (facilities, finance, utilities, retail, chemical, pharmaceutical, transport and telco). The Maximo platform allows complete, precise and reliable management of the entire lifecycle of business assets. Its applications (Asset Management, Workforce Management, Services, Warehousing, Purchases and Contracts, Management of Processes and Reporting) make it the ideal asset-centric solution: open, easily integrated, scalable and flexible.

Primeur can provide all the activities related to implementation, and training for the customer’s personnel in each area of expertise.

Thanks to a dedicated staff of qualified specialists with vast experience in the field, Primeur also provides ICT Consultancy and Business Process Reengineering as part of Asset & Service Management.

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