A complete solution for securing data transferred with IBM WebSphere MQ

This is a solution that provides cryptographic protection for IBM’s WebSphere MQ Infrastructure. The protection provided is End to End (application to application) and is totally application transparent. Messages may be encrypted and/or digitally signed, thus providing the following typical crypto services:

  • Data Privacy
  • No Tampering
  • Data Authentication
  • Non Repudiation

Compression is also provided, which has proved to be extremely beneficial in the case of large text or XML messages.

Crypto hardware (HSM) support is provided out of the box for maximum performance and security.

By providing Queue level crypto protection Data Secure caters for attacks both internal as well as external and allows organizations to comply with the PCI DSS regulations that calls for encryption of data at rest in all data instances.

Spazio Data Secure for WMQ is available on a wide range of platforms.


sicuro-mini SECURE robusto-mini ROBUST