The new Person to Person, Person to Application and Application to Person Enterprise File Transfer solution for unscheduled file exchange: simple, secure, traceable

Fast and easy to use DropFile is a new, secure, enterprise-wide, person centric file transfer solution specifically designed for end users. It combines an individual’s requirements to share files of any size quickly across any device, with compliance to corporate IT security policies.

Primeur DropFile™ is end user friendly, but also provides important benefits:

  • No need for the end user to configure or install anything: a simple, effective and easy to use solution
  • You can transfer files of any size: whether to internal or external contacts without typical email limitations
  • Comprehensive auditing of file exchanges: full traceability providing you with a clear picture of enterprise file transfer exchanges (by whom and when).
  • Offers extensive activity tracking capabilities: you can see all file transfer activities
  • Guaranteed confidentiality: files can only be read by the intended recipient and no one else

Primeur DropFile™ is available also for mobile devices. Primeur DropFile™ App is designed to protect the confidentiality of the sensitive data transfer in a simple and easy way.

Security at the heart of everything we do:

Users exchange huge quantities of files on a daily basis, which may also sometimes be large in size (images, documents, videos), often in an uncontrolled manner without any guarantees on traceability and security.

Free technologies most commonly used to perform enterprise file transfers by end users do not provide adequate guarantees on security, traceability and reliability, which are essential in enterprise environments. In addition, many of these solutions require the data to remain external to the company: they are hosted by the service provider, and this could create problems and difficulties for the security of the data.

With increased volumes of traffic exchanged every day, companies need more reliable tools that can minimize security violations and allow E2E file tracking.

DropFile, from Primeur, is the ideal solution for all enterprise file transfer activities for sending one or more files to internal or external users or to distribution lists, in an easy yet secure and manageable and fully auditable way.


auditable-mini AUDITABLE on-site-and-on-premise-mini CLOUD & ON PREMISE READY
end-user-application-ready-mini END USER AND APPLICATION READY Easy-to-use-mini EASY TO USE