Manage your Multinode Spazio environment


Primeur designed Multinode Manager (MM) in order to manage Spazio Enviroment easily.

Multinode Manager is a configuration and management tool that provides a common, centralized interface for managing and auditing Spazio nodes. It helps reduce operating costs while increasing configuration flexibility. MM makes it easier to manage configurations and helps enforce security policies across Spazio servers. The solution is addressed to all clients with Spazio nodes in their infrastructure that would like to reach:

  • Better visibility of Spazio Node Resources. MM allows Primeur’s customers to have a central point of access for visibility on all the lines of communication between all nodes, protocols, sending and receiving scripts.
  • Prompt Reaction in critical situations related to Spazio MFT/S infrastructure. Thanks to the centralized control of Spazio nodes, customers can access all the information they need to identify and fix problems more quickly.
  • Full control over Spazio MFT/S configuration changes. Formal control and consistency of the configuration parameters of Spazio nodes with alert in case of errors. Ability to manage the changes of the Spazio configurations files. All the changes done on the Spazio configuration are versioned.
  • Improved Governance and Control on existing Spazio MFT/S environment.All changes are tracked and journalized. For example, MM traces users that changes configuration, time of update,  last configuration deployed.
  • Easy Rollback changes in case of configuration errors. The solution offers protection against downtime due to configuration errors though version control and  roll-back capabilities. Therefore administrators can avoid service disruptions.
  • Streamlined analysis to get information about Spazio MFT/S configurationIn case of manually changes on the configuration of Spazio nodes, the relevant information are sent to MM for the centralized update.

Multinode Manager Business Values

Multinode Manager enhances operational productivity and improves the quality of service for Spazio file transfers and its activities in their environment from one central location through:

  • Reporting and Dashboard Information for capacity management planning: possibility to trace information coming from different nodes in time interval. Clients can therefore plan how to allocate resources (Hw- sw) to keep high service level.
  • User interface Possibility to customize the interface according to user experience
  • ROI Retains the investment already made
  • Extensibility Possibility to extend MM with integration of customer applications or external tools
  • User productivity and efficiency Resources skill with lower profile and knowledge: MM with its intuitive and unique graphical interface allows to manage different Spazio nodes even on different platform (Z/OS, Unix, ISeries, Linux, Windows etc..). This represents an important value for customers that have not to invest in training or hiring more resources to manage Spazio on different platforms.


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