Primeur’s multi-protocol, multi-platform managed and secure transport solution

The amount of data exchanged within companies and with external parties like customers and suppliers is continuously increasing. As a result most organizations are forced to manage multiple file transfer protocols across various IT platforms.

Many files contain critical or sensitive information which must be protected. Therefore minimizing the management problems and risks associated with moving the file around is vitally important.

Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure allows you to centrally manage multiple file transfer products (in-house, open, standard or proprietary solutions) thereby reducing costs and increasing business agility.

Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure provides:

  • Visibility that all files have actually been sent and/or received
  • Certainty that data moved has been exchanged according to customizable security policies
  • Flexibility to manage file transfer products and protocols from a variety of vendors running on a range of different platforms.

Primeur has developed a series of solutions that extend Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure functionality to address the following needs:

File Transfer Governance to provide end-to-end file transfer visibility
File Transfer Security to secure data transferred with Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure
Email File Transfer for the secure transfer of occasional large and/or confidential files
Fast and High Performance File Transfer to accelerate the fast exchange of large files
Isolation of data from non-secure areas (DMZ) to provide additional security functionality for File Transfer, allowing you to store your data and configurations internally, and not in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
Systems Management add-ons for Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure a suite of products created by Primeur to manage its own managed file transfer product; they provide centralized monitoring of the logical and physical components of Spazio Managed File Transfer Secure infrastructures and execution of (automatic) recovery operations


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