Primeur is leader in adaptive integration.

Primeur provides Clients and Business Partners System with a comprehensive Hybrid Adaptive Integration Platform

to support your Application, Data and Process integration projects/needs.

The Hybrid Integration Platform is marketed under the Brand name Ghibli and offers a combination of cloud-based applications and On-premises Systems supporting our adaptive approach so that you can be Focused on Reduced Time to Deployment.

Primeur is delivering the future of Hybrid Integration Platform .

Primeur’s integration multiplatform experience together with our  open source heritage drives our continued innovation in a modern, integrated, embeddable platform built for the future of integration, including cloud requirements.

The Ghibli Hybrid Integration Platform combines the  strong capabilities of Data Integration Tools, B2B Gateways , Managed File Transfer and End 2 End Governance with a simple and easy interface.

The Ghibli Hybrid Integration Platform has been designed with reusable components providing services that make application Teams and even advanced business users able to deploy and manage integration interfaces both on-premis and in the cloud.