A complete suite for end-to-end visibility of the file lifecycle

Data management within organizations can impact heavily on business processes and agility, not to mention personnel productivity. Within companies over 70% of data is exchanged in the form of files, and more than 80% in exchanges between different organizations.

Primeur Governance E2E is a set of technologies that can be applied to files throughout their life cycle in order to minimize management complexity and facilitate modernization of IT infrastructures for increased business efficiency and effectiveness.

Primeur Governance E2E is designed to provide:

  • End-to-end visibility of files to detect possible data redundancy, inefficiency or inconsistency
  • Reduced operating costs from having a single centralized infrastructure that provides a global view of the entire file lifecycle
  • Increased system reliability for handling events and workload fluctuations, supporting new architectures, as well as defining and controlling policies for files and processes.

Primeur Governance E2E is a component-based solution that addresses specific needs through:

  • File Governance: to provide end-to-end visibility of the complete file lifecycle. A single infrastructure allows you to discover, monitor and trace files and to create reports
  • Secured Managed File Transfer: a multi-protocol multi-platform solution for reliable and controllable file transport that guarantees data integrity at delivery
  • Security and Compliance: industry standard (PKCS) security for encryption, end-to-end security, authentication, authorization, and auditing
  • Email File Transfer: secure file transfer for occasional users and email offloading of file attachments