When there is a requirement to integrate applications and the Company’s Partner network is growing, the need to guarantee that all information is exchanged and protected through an effective and appropriate integration layer grows dramatically.

Ghibli Business Integrator, extends Primeur’s solutions into the B2B and A2A market. Ghibli Business Integrator provides users with a single point of integration, management and control of the data contained in files and messages, ensuring compliance with corporate security policies for all matters related to the processing of files – from transferring to transformation and application integration.

By choosing Primeur’s Ghibli B2B solutions, Primeur’s customers will be able to further leverage their integration opportunities whilst preserving the investments in infrastructure that have already been made.

Ghibli Business Integrator enables Governance of the complete processing cycle of data (Enterprise Integration Governance). The instruments of Governance enable; the management of the entire lifecycle of the files, the management of meta-data, and the application of rules to the business information flows.

Ghibli Business Integrator is a scalable solution that can be adopted not only by small- and medium-sized enterprises but also by large companies that have complex and articulated IT architectures.  The advantage of this solution lies both in its simplicity of use and its ability to perform all the necessary data integration functionality.

Primeur, present in the integration market for over 25 years, also makes available to its customers a highly specialized laboratory in the development of integration components, and a group of qualified engineers dedicated to solving every problem in this area.


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