Is your IT infrastructure really able to avoid the potential and increasing security risks in managing data file transfer?

On the basis of more than 30 years of security experience with Our Top Class Clients organizations around the world, at Primeur we believe that the transmission of data may be intercepted, modified in transit, or counterfeited, not to mention the problems relating to the identity of the file originator or the sender.
This is why in Primeur we developed a robust and complete set of security solutions and services able to meet the most challenging projects our Clients submitted to us.

FileSec is a powerful tool to able to cryptography and de-cryptography

Schema FileSEC 07

Who gets business value by adopting FileSec Solution?

State or Public owned IT Service Organizations have the challenge to develop information systems application and services, applications and services to meet the automation and information needs of the operational and management processes of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Public Procurement, Court of Audits, Tax Agencies and other public authorities.
Primeur has a huge and comproved experience in been the strategic partner of public IT service organizations that have top class security challenges in managing highly confidential processes like
fiscal and tax analysis and, very important, strategic national projects


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