Updated: 12th September, 2012


1. Relations with Customers and Suppliers

1.1 Customers

1.2 Suppliers

2. Relations with Employees and Collaborators

2.1 Bullying and harassment at work

2.2 Working environment

3. Environment

4. Protection of Privacy

1. Relations with Customers and Suppliers

1.1 Customers

The measure of the company’s success is linked to customer satisfaction, and is based on the ability to understand and anticipate their needs and to offer a service that meets not only their explicit requirements, but also – and above all – their latent needs.

The mission of Primeur is to be a partner of its customers, working in conjunction with them to implement technological solutions that allow the business to be developed with a significant competitive edge. Primeur has built up consolidated experience in Middleware and is able to provide technologies and expertise that are the natural complement for the implementation of service-based architectures.

To ensure that it maintains its market leader position and to protect the investments made by its customers in its services, the company continuously invests in research and development.

The company recognizes the central role of human resources in the belief that the key to the success of any business is the contribution made by the people who work there, within a framework of loyalty and mutual trust. Primeur protects the safety and health of workers in the workplace and considers respect for their rights to be of fundamental importance. The management and development of resources is aimed at ensuring equal opportunities and promoting the development of each individual. The quality of human resources is vitally important for the life and development of the company.

Management ensures constant updating of the knowledge acquired, also looking after the professional and ethical-deontological training of its employees.

Members of the organization are bound to absolute confidentiality regarding all the facts and documents of which they may become aware in the course of their work, with reference both to customers and to the company.

The company is committed to adopting the procedures, regulations or directives aimed at ensuring that the values stated herein are reflected in the behavior of all employees, providing for specific systems of sanctions for any violations.

In creating its products, the company always starts by establishing what the real market needs are, rather than on the basis of predefined offerings. These needs are then interpreted to develop the best solution to satisfy the needs of the customer.

By listening to the needs of its customers the company has understood that Managed File Transfer solutions, in order to be really effective, must be integrated with other applications and with middleware infrastructures.

In line with the above, the company’s quality policy can be summarized in the following statements:

  • to understand customer needs correctly;
  • to satisfy customer needs always using new technologies in accordance with market trends and if possible to anticipate them;
  • to offer customers qualified and guaranteed software products;
  • to develop software products that can guarantee the maximum ease of maintenance over time;
  • to continuously improve the quality of the products offered;
  • to set measurable objectives that allow continuous monitoring and improvement of processes, work methodologies and service levels;
  • to guarantee the best possible use of human resources through assignment of individual responsibility, and the enhancement and development of individual abilities;
  • to improve operational results;
  • to remain updated and to respect the laws and regulations in force;

One of Management’s objectives is to maintain the ISO 9001 Certification of the company’s quality system, which was obtained 2006.

In the context of the periodic re-examination of the quality system by Management, specific objectives for the continuous improvement of the system are defined and distributed to all concerned.

The realization of these objectives demands not only maximum by Management, but also the involvement and the effective collaboration of all the staff, in order to continue the growth and development of the company and of the persons who operate within it.

1.2 Suppliers

Primeur promotes and expects the application of legal, ethical and environmental standards by its employees, its suppliers and by external collaborators.

In particular it expects its suppliers to apply standards of social responsibility (CSR) and in particular:

  • The supplier must act with fairness and transparency to all stakeholders that have an interest or who are recipients of its activities. The conduct of the supplier must not generate ambiguity or give rise to doubts regarding its integrity. Direct or indirect offers, payments, corruption or extortion in any form are unacceptable practices.
  • The supplier shall ensure respect for the fundamental human rights of its employees.
  • The supplier must respect the environment and fulfill its own environmental responsibilities. The supplier must comply with all the laws and regulations applicable in this area and must take all reasonable measures to prevent environmental damage.

2 Relations with Employees and Collaborators

Primeur is committed to developing the abilities and skills of both management and employees, protecting working conditions both by protecting the mental and physical health of workers and respecting their dignity.

Primeur promotes equal opportunities in employment, promoting working conditions that enable the development of the personality and the professionalism of the individual.

It acts in full observance of legal and contractual regulations in this area, in order to guarantee all employees the same opportunities, ensuring that they will all enjoy equal regulatory treatment and fair pay without discrimination.

2.1 Bullying and harassment at work

Harassment or behavior in any way related to mobbing is prohibited. The following are examples of such prohibited conduct:

  • causing the working environment to be discriminatory against individuals or groups of workers;
  • creating unjustified interference with the work performed by others;
  • obstructing the individual job prospects of others for reasons of personal rivalry or rivalry of other employees.

All forms of violence or harassment, whether sexual or based on personal and cultural diversity are strictly prohibited.

2.2 Working environment

Employees must work to maintain a good working environment, in which special attention is paid to the conditions of respect for the sensitivity and dignity of others.

Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or substances with similar effect in the course of work and in the workplace shall be considered as a conscious acceptance of the risk of compromising such environmental characteristics.

The Code of Conduct is an integral and essential part of the employment contract of each employee. Therefore, Primeur requires all employees to strictly comply with the provisions that it contains.

3 Environment

Primeur considers protection of the environment as a primary duty, to be pursued starting from the individual behavior of the employees, who shall be provided with all the information and instructions necessary regarding “energy saving”, “waste management”, and recyclable materials

Primeur is committed, at Group level, to guaranteeing compliance with legal provisions in this area – in particular the international standards of the ISO 14000 series – and to promoting a policy of constant and responsible attention in order to improve efficiency. All our sites, central and peripheral, are involved in this activity.

The principles on which Primeur’s environmental policy is based are as follows:

  • do not pollute;
  • constantly optimize the use of resources;
  • prevent risks to health and safety at work;
  • train their employees regarding health and safety in the workplace.

4 Protection of Privacy

Primeur is committed to protecting information relating to its own personnel and to third parties, generated or acquired within the company and in business relationships, and to avoid any improper use of such information.

It is in the interest of Primeur that the processing of personal data within its structures takes place with full respect of the rights and fundamental freedoms and the dignity of the persons concerned, as required by current regulations.

The processing of personal data must be carried out in a lawful and correct manner and, in any case, only those data required for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes shall be collected.  The Data shall be stored for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes of collection.

Primeur is also committed to adopting suitable and preventive security measures for all the databases in which personal data are collected and stored, in order to avoid the risk of loss or destruction or unauthorized access or types of processing that are not allowed.