We are an “unconventional” company. In fact, our best Product Managers are actually our clients, who have always indicated the path for us to follow in our laboratories. Many companies study and develop expensive and complex software products from the outset, while others continue to grow by buying solutions available on the market, which then fall into product “families” that are objectively difficult to integrate.

We decided to bring our production, and therefore our laboratories, to our clients, always trying to better understand their needs. This is the secret of our success – continuous and constant relationships and feedback with our clients, achieving maximum value through Laboratories of the highest technological level that can transform individual requirements into standard solutions for the market.

Primeur is a multinational European company headquartered in Switzerland. For more than 25 years it has been dealing with data integration, helping its clients to find effective solutions for managing the most important asset of all companies: DATA!

Primeur’s DNA is practically unique in the market, since the company has the know-how of System Integrators that is typical of large Consultancy firms, but also develops Frameworks using proprietary software technology (Ghibli), which is instead typical of large software houses.

This competitive advantage allows Primeur to give its customers the best of both types of companies, providing a standard market product that is, however, tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.


Anno Founded in 1986 , privately held
MFTS-milestones Historic presence on MFT and Data Integration market with recognition in terms of vision and technical leadership
Global-milestones Worldwide presence in Europe, USA and Latin America, solutions installed in more than 20 countries
Settori-milestones Segment Presence: Financial, Retail, Industry, Telco and Public administration
Clienti-milestones Target Market: very large organizations with long lasting mutual partnership (relationship with Top Clients lasting for more than 20 years)
Relazioni-milestones 500+ customer all over the world

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Established in: 1986
Employees: 200+
Customers: 500+

Principal Markets:
Primeur has a strong presence in the following markets:

  • Financial Services:
    The leading European banking and insurance institutions and other worldwide financial institutions
  • Industry and Services:
    The main companies operating in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and defence sectors
  • Telecommunications:
    The principal European telco operators and other important European operators
  • Public Administration:
    Public Utility Companies/Agencies, Social Security Agencies, Central and Local Administration.