More than 500 companies in over 20 countries have installed Primeur software. Over 90% of these belong to large organizations (banks, insurance companies, large industrial customers) confirming their interest in relation to innovative solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs and increase profits.

Here are some examples:

Thanks to the flexibility of the solution offered by Primeur and its Partner, we were able to create a wide range of solutions for data exchange with our partners, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced operating costs


Thanks to Primeur technology and consultancy we have optimized our most critical applications, reducing consumption on our mainframe platform.

Banca Marche

The main objective for SEB Group IT is to provide standardised, high quality, and cost efficient IT services to the business. This objective was being achieved with the exception of the area of file transfers. The Spazio MFT/S and File Governance suites have allowed us to start to centralise file transfer operations, manage and audit file transfers and focus on a single solution in order to get control of and reduce costs. The Spazio MFT/S and File Governance suites are highly recommended.


A key factor in our decision was the flexibility of the Primeur solution and the genuine commitment they have to security with a separate security division. We are delighted with the results gained and pleased we chose Primeur. Spazio MFT/S is proven and reliable for the safe transfer and management of our inbound and outbound file movements at Thames Water.

Thames Water

Thanks to the solution implemented by Primeur, we can finally have a precise view of processes and provide users with a monitoring and investigation tool. That’s not all. We have reduced processing times from days to a matter of hours, way above the original objectives.

Thanks to Primeur Technology we have been able to implement a highly reliable multi-enterprise infrastructure for the exchange of files inside our company and with external partners, while reducing the complexity of the existing structure and with considerable optimization of our resources.


The contribution of the Primeur‘s expertise and technology has enabled us to achieve a level of reliability for the transmission and reception of very large files. With Primeur now our file transfer system and can efficiently managed and controlled.